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Why spread the word about EcologyFund?
If you click to donate on EcologyFund each day for a year, you can protect an area of wilderness equivalent to the size of a few suburban housing lots. If you and the half dozen friends you told about EcologyFund donate each day for a year, together you can protect an area equivalent to your neighborhood park. If you place a link to EcologyFund on your website, and one hundred of your visitors donate each day for a year, together you can protect an area equivalent to your whole neighborhood. And ultimately, that park or neighborhood sized piece of wilderness that was protected as a result of telling others about EcologyFund, it all happened because of you. We think that's pretty impressive. So take the time, send an email, place a link, make a real difference.

Getting involved is easy
Just follow the links on the left-hand sidebar to join or create an EcologyFund donation group, use our easy Tell A Friend form (we'll even give you a 100 square foot bonus for each unique individual you email), place a link to EcologyFund on your website, or download an EcologyFund poster that you can place around work, campus or town.

Take Action
You can also get involved by participating in a letter or email campaign for the environment. Click here to find out more.

What do you think?
If you've got a good idea for spreading the word about EcologyFund, let us know at

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